Feners was established in 2016 in Barcelona. Founded by a team of dreamers with a strong idea: dress up the powerful women of today. After successfully consolidating the women's collection, in 2017 we developed the men's collection.

We had the dream of bringing our modern view of footwear to Spanish and Portuguese shoemaking masters and the result was amazing. Our first sneaker collection was launched in 2016 and since then we are in constant evolution.

quien somos


Like you, we stand for seasonless designs that combine on any look. We select the best of each world and make it real.


You know how to choose well and you value quality as much as we do. We use leather and the best materials. Durability matters as well as taking care of things.


As real as everyday life. We take care of your feet so you can take care of your challenges. All of our products include a thermoformed removable insole for a cushioned footbed.


We believe in a different industry of fashion where people, product and producer are closer than ever. We run away from the ephemeral sense of fashion and we create seasonless pieces. We work with the best manufacturers in Spain and have an obsession for materials and detail. We are a young passionate team with the vision of bringing the best sneaker to the market.

“Style is knowing that the hands that made your clothes are happy hands”

Crafting Feners

We go beyond the rules of the industry of fashion. By doing what we do we aim to create a lifestyle and a new way of consuming fashion. By consuming better, more conscious and longer lasting products, we contribute to a world of less waste and to stop fast-fashion.

Now that you are part of our story, we can go really far together. Guide us and we will get you wherever you want to go. Our journey starts now, welcome to Feners.

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