Crafting Feners


How is a pair of Feners sneakers made?

We love what we do, and showing you how our sneakers are made is something we’re very happy about. For us, design and material is as important as the production process. That is because we think it’s relevant to take conscience of where are products we consume everyday made, how and who makes them.

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Production has many steps and it is so manual that every sneaker is unique. It is an accurate job where specialists do their best to ensure a world-class product. Cut, sew, polish, glue, heat, cool… are some of the processes our sneakers go through before they are with you.

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At Feners we focus on comfort and that is why all our sneakers have been designed and to include a thermo-manufactured insole lined in pigskin. Plus, if you have your own orthopaedic insoles, you can remove Feners insoles and put on yours.

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