We believe in a more comfortable, equal world for us women. We believe we deserve to wear what we want, anytime, anywhere. Dress code must be erased, leaving us the right to choose wether to wear a pair of high heels or a comfy, elegant sneaker. At the end of the day, feet pain doesn't make you more productive or happier. If we care about the highlight shoes you need in your closet to keep you comfy from day-to-night, you can focus on your goals and achieve more.

Feners is a journey. An odyssey in the search of oneself and on how we express our identities through fashion. A celebration on women, equality and singularity through iconic, head-turning designs with a soul of its own.

Challenging how things are made in the fashion industry and doing things our way are very important parts of this journey. As a young, disruptive brand, we want to visibilize how things can be done better in terms of sustainability, manufacturing, materials and ethics.

We believe the powerful women that constitute a crucial element of this industry at every part of the process, deserve a voice and our purpose is to serve as an amplifier to spread the word.