“When I founded Feners in 2017, I had the dream of making the shoes I was missing on my wardrobe. I was only 23 and I couldn’t afford luxury brands, although I loved their designs, and wandered why there was such a big gap between mass market brands and more high end options.

My first trip to Elche (Alicante) was on 2016 and I was inmediately caught up by the shoemaking vibe. Feners was born to make great quality, feminine shoes, inspired and to inspire women on their everyday ventures, at a great price/value proposition.

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by music and art. Learning that there was an unusual way of doing things, opened up the world to me. I discovered a world where everything was possible and I could communicate myself through creativity and design.
Infusing that into the products of the future and make something you are going to love, is my passion.”

- Carla M, Founder