Le Big Bag

 Handmade in Spain  

Le Big Bag is this year's must-have shopper handbag. Made of a locally-sourced thick cotton fabric, Le Big Bag is here to conquer many hearts (and yours). 

What's Le Big Bag about?

We're launching Le Big Bag because the whole thing is about you filling it at your local stores and businesses. Fill it with fresh flowers, baked bread, take-away food, groceries, cozy sweaters & whatever you can imagine. We can't support every local business and friends from where we are, but we can encourage you to spread the message within your hood.

Adding Le Big Bag to your closet is completely optional. It is about shopping local as much as we can, because when you buy from a small business an actual person makes a happy dance.


If you shop something on Pre-Order and want to add the bag (which is not on pre-order), don't worry because it will be shipped altogether.

Unique size.
Width: 40cm / Height: 36cm / Depth: 12 cm.
Shoulder strap is 32 cm (64cm in total).
Metallic closing on the top

- 100% organic cotton
- Feners signature "F" and quote on one side.
- Made in Spain


“When I founded Feners in 2017, I had the dream of making the shoes I was missing on my wardrobe. I was only 23 and I couldn’t afford luxury brands, although I loved their designs, and wandered why there was such a big gap between mass market brands and more high end options.
My first trip to Elche (Alicante) was on 2016 and I was immediately caught up by the shoemaking vibe. Feners was born to make great quality feminine shoes, inspired and to inspire women on their everyday ventures, at an affordable price.”

- Carla M, Founder