About us

Feners is a female-owned, small independent brand from Barcelona. It’s an odyssey in the search of oneself and on how we express our identities through fashion. A celebration on women, equality and singularity through iconic, head-turning designs with a soul of its own.

Challenging how things are made in the fashion industry and doing things our way are very important parts of this journey. As a young, disruptive brand, we want to raise standards on how to operate better in terms of sustainability, human rights, labor conditions, manufacturing, ethics, and materials.

Although we nowadays ship outside Spain 98% of our products, we’ve been always really bonded with the mediterranean lifestyle and it’s part of our DNA. This is also one of the reasons why we will never stop handcrafting our products here.


Growing up, I was heavily influenced by music and art. I am a creative person since I was little and learning that there was another way of doing things, opened up the world to me. I discovered a world where everything was possible and I could communicate myself through images, products, and design. Infusing that into timeless pieces and making something you are going to love, is my passion.

Diving in this industry for the first time, I didn’t know I would have to make so many choices. I always knew I only wanted to work with partners and manufacturers I would be really proud of: to talk about them, to show them, to go and see them. This project was never about making a big profit, it is about learning things, exploring fashion, pushing boundaries, and moving the world into a more sustainable, livable one.

I believe integrity and honesty are two crucial values and the foundation of how we make decisions not only at Feners, but in our personal lives. There is real people behind every piece of clothing, garment, shoe, accessory, gadget, and a thousand things we are using and wearing on a daily basis.

If we, the young daring brands are not up for the change, then who is? 
By visibilizing all this, we believe bigger fashion brands and industry moguls will start feeling the urge to also move into a more sustainable and a better fashion industry.