All of our clothing is currently produced in Spain, in small, family-owned ateliers around and in Barcelona. It is very important for us to control how everything is made from start to finish, and there is a huge culture of high-end clothing manufacturers in the area, that historically come from brands that then went overseas to manufacture many years ago, and have now reinvented themselves into higher levels of garment making.



Our artisan manufacturers are based in the town of Elche, which is in the province of Alicante, Spain. This is where the magic happens. Alicante has worldwide recognition for being home to shoe manufacturing because of its high quality and craftsmanship. We always aim to go the extra mile when it comes to technology and the use of new materials and comfort.


Our manufacturer is known for its knowledge and experience in heels, both for winter and summer styles. Their attention to detail has allowed us to bring our complex designs to life. The factory is led by the second generation of entrepreneurs that make world-class shoes. All the processes from cutting to stitching to lasting are controlled in-house for each pair of shoes.



Glass-blown jewelry: made by Julieta Cajal. Carla and Julieta met in Barcelona one year ago. They shared their love and passion for rare shapes, nature and raw materials. They instantly knew the collaboration between Feners and her was a matter of time. Julieta's natural talent and creativity to express her emotions through borosilicate glass made Metamorfosis jewels an ode to earth. Every piece is handcrafted in Spain and unique.