In a mostly men-ruled footwear industry, where women's needs are supposedly scrutinized and solved by men, we found there was a huge gap on how things were made. Who could imagine and develop best a product for us girls, than a team of us?

This is why many of us are involved in the creation process but also in the manufacturing of our products.Made by women for women means empowerment and fellowship from start to finish of everything we do: from drawing a sample mock-up at the office to the stitching of a pair of sandals in the atelier.

Our manufacturers are based in the town of Elche (Alicante) in Spain, where the magic happens. Home of the shoe cult with worldwide recognition for its craftsmanship and quality, we always aim to push an extra mile in technology and edgy new materials.

We only work with Spanish factories that are regulated, keep a safe and clean environment for their team and don't use harmful materials like certain types of chrome, glue, and other chemicals. Legal working schedules are kept strictly and salaries are fair. Long-lasting is at the core of our values and that also stands for our people and partners.