We believe a very important part of our brand experience is not only the product itself, but everything else that the brand stands for and proactively does to shape the industry and make the world a better, more livable place. This is why we think it is important that you can take your time if you want to know more about what we stand for in terms of sustainability.


We believe in honest, transparent and stable pricing all year round. We don’t believe in generating anxiety or stress to drive sales because we believe in thoughtful consumption. We don’t support greenwashing as a marketing mechanism to portrait brand practices in a dishonest way. Quality and luxury not only come from the product that you are purchasing, but also from everything that surrounds that brand.


When the project was born, we spent one year scouting and visiting different factories until we found the right ones. One of the biggest impacts we can have in the industry is by being very responsible on where we manufacture, thus differentiating ourselves from the mass-market brands that manufacture overseas. We only work with Spanish manufacturers that are regulated, keep a safe and clean environment for their team and don't use harmful materials like certain types of chrome, glue, and other chemicals. Legal working schedules are kept strictly and salaries are fair. Long-lasting is at the core of our values and that also stands for our people and partners.


By sourcing local, not only when it comes to the manufacturer but also the raw material suppliers, and other stakeholders and partners, we ensure the minimum carbon footprint is attributed to each product we make and sell. Almost every material comes from suppliers in Spain, Portugal, Italy and some from the rest of Europe. All of them have a direct relationship with us and are audited either by us or by our manufacturer. The travel of those materials to Spain is made by road, not air, also reducing the footprint it generates.


We are very strict when it comes to raw materials and sourcing anything. From organic cotton to plant-based leather and Leather-Working-Group certified leather, we make our path to a less polluted world.