From organic cotton to plant-based leather and Leather-Working-Group certified leather, here you can read with further detail as we make our path to a less polluted world.


Discover the newest addition to our sustainable manifesto: Corn-based vegan leather. We have recently partnered up with an Italian company that is making the highest percentage of bio-based corn leather in the world (up to 81% of biomass). The result is a biodegradable, renewable-resource powered, PETA approved material. 

It also holds the certification Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which determines the environmental impact connected to the individual production steps of the articles. The percentage of recycled polyester it contains is recycled polyester from plastic bottles and the bio polyols are obtained from non-food and GMO-free corn crops.
The cotton we use is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is a worldwide leader in organic fiber certification. Including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certifications in the textile supply chain.

This type of of textiles have a reduced carbon footprint. We use cotton from uppers to linings and laces, as well as tote bags, and we love it for its natural, lovely touch and feel. Organic cotton cultivation is good for the land, too, as chemicals, herbicides and pesticides are not allowed, which makes for a healthier product but also a better, less polluted land. 



The leather used is always the cleanest, best type of leather, certified by the Leather Working Group. Still a great, durable, byproduct of another industry, when we use real leather we’re sure products will be durable, thus making them last longer which also means less waste.

By purchasing certified leather, we can track origins, as well as environmentally responsible practices on the process, from the raw material to the end product. Moreover, no harmful chemicals are used and the water consumption is also reduced by 50%.


We have recently partnered up with a Mexican company that is making plant based leather from Nopal cactus. As they farm their own plants, only mature leaves are cut every 6-8 months without producing any damage to the plant.

When plant-based is not possible, we believe in making vegan products by recycling or upcyling plastics or other waste, and giving it a second life, creating a negative plastic balance which means no more “new” plastic is added to the world, but that some pre-existing plastic is reused for a new purpose.


Always seeking for the perfect balance between performance, weight and sustainability, our soles are made from a variety of materials. Our track boots and sneaker soles are made of natural rubber, TPU or EVA, depending on the model. EVA is the lightest material, stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate.

Rubber is the most natural, and TPU is a mix of synthetic-based durable materials. In boots & heeled soles, natural wood and man-made compositions made of natural raw materials are used. The heels (block) are usually made from light polycarbonate.


Keeping this treasure (the planet) is our goal. We put a lot of effort in all our choices and when it comes to packaging we couldn't be less. All the cardboard and paper used is sourced from a responsible supply chain, ensuring forests are 100% preserved and safe. Completely recyclable, now and forever. Made of paper and cardboard, 100% plastic free. All of our packaging is made in Spain.